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Blast From The Past!

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Yooka-Laylee is a video game that was published by Team17 and developed by Playtonic Games. I got this game on PC but it is also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. My research enabled me to understand that the video game is currently developed by Playtonic Games, which is a group of numerous former chief personnel from Rare Company during the Nintendo 64 era. I can overly say that the game is being developed as a spiritual successor to the group’s series known as Banjo Kazooie. I can say that the game is designed as a modernization and resurrection of the collectathon 3D platforming video game genre of early 2000s and late 1990s, with much emphasis on progression by absorbing various items.

In the game, Yooka and Laylee depart from their secure home located in a town known as Shipwreck Creek. The main objective of the two characters is to explore deep inside the work halls of Hivory Towers, which is a baneful business. They actually have the hope to find “Pagies” that are required in exploring the arcane Grand Tomes in form of a buddy-duo combat to stop Dr. Quack and Capital B from absorbing the entire world’s literature and renovating it into chaste profit.

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The gameplay for this video game greatly resembles Banjo Kazooie together with its squeal. It features characters and items that play much similar tasks to those found in Banjo Kazooie. Playing the video game, I was supposed to control two characters who work together concurrently. One of the characters is named Yooka. He is a male chameleon described as sensible. The other character under my control is known as Laylee. She is a female bat better described as “a little bit crazy”.

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Exploring The Game

During their adventure, Laylee and Yooka explore worlds that are contained within magical books. They moreover take part in challenges to collect relevant “Pagies”, which are usually golden book pages that act as the only form of currency in the video game. I was at liberty of using my Pagies to expand unlocked worlds or to unlock new ones. Other abilities I enjoyed include sky soaring, tongue whipping, sonar blasting, a fart bubble for breathing beneath water, and eating berries to enhance temporary powers. The abilities are generally controlled by a power meter, which is filled by feeding on butterflies. I could earn the butterflies by collecting enough quills to enable me purchase them from a snake salesman who wears pants?!.

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I used atoms described as Mollycools to help Dr. Puzz, an octopus resembling scientist, giving Laylee and Yooka several transformations that award them incredible abilities. This made everything about the game to be interesting, challenging and brain teasing to me.


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