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Dead Rising 4 remains an innovative action-adventure open world survival game. It is published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Capcom Vancouver. The game released for Xbox One and PC. On June 13, 2016 when the game’s announcement was made at E3 2016 press conference it was confirmed that the game will feature as a main character the Frank West in a set of a Christmas-orientation Willamette, Colorado and its gonna be released December 6. Trant Lee-Aimes, the Dead Rising 4 asset manager mentions that the entertainment service wants to work with an individual to provide a colorful game. Terence J. Rotolo will not take the position of Frank West at this stage. To some fans, the change may prove controversial.

The role of Frank West, the photo journalist returns to Willamette, CO around Christmas time. This also means another zombie strike!! The game continues in the same path of an open-world as the older games in the series. This time tho, no timer system will exist like the previous versions and also it will not feature story co-op gameplay. The ground-breaking series of all the elegant hallmarks return. Vehicle participants and a huge array of weapons can combine to fight the danger ranging from the real world. In the game, you will enjoy the benefit of innovative features such as EXO Suits, new zombie classes, to just mention a few.

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Players will have to scavenge, explore and fight to survive. You will have to bash and smash your way through the zombie danger by using certain available items. This can be found in gear parts likes of a combo weapon for the Exo Suit and exclusively skinned X-Fists. Players should be ready and prepared to unleash a big thump during the course of the game. The game has 4-player co-op multiplayer that will be useful for players in a time of need.

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What you need to play it?

Dead Rising 4 will require a lot of processor power to produce a gamut of zombies on your screen. To be tearless the graphics of the game will also need to be powerful by using an AMD RX 480 or a GTX 980 along with 16GB system memory. This is going be one of the epic games of 2016. You can give it a try.


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  1. fuk.face December 25, 2016

    ah too ad i cant run it :( need to upgrade my potato :D

  2. ditoekanugraha December 12, 2016

    This game is more brutal than before[Dead rising 3], hope I can afford this game
    Get ready to kill those zombies yeah

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