World of Warcraft’s Newest Expansion is Legion

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More than a decade after the phenomenal MMORPG World of Warcraft first launched, its sixth expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion releases this coming August, and players are now itching to get their hands on the new WoW Legion CD KEY. The vengeful Demon Hunter makes its debut as a playable class, as will new areas, dungeons, raids and other game play changes and overhauls. All players will also be able to level all the way to 110, from the previous cap of 100.



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Perhaps the most significant addition to the game, the Demon Hunter is a hero class like the Death Knight. The Demon Hunter begins the game as Illidari, a lieutenant under a resurrected Illidan Stormrage, an enigmatic leader of outcasts and fellow exiles who made a pact with the demonic Burning Legion that quickly went awry. With the Legion now after Illidan, Demon Hunters fight against their master’s enemies using the very same malefic energy the demons use. As part of their initiation, Demon Hunters blind themselves, and in return, they acquire the ability to detect demons and cloaked adversaries. As Illidan only trained Night Elves and Blood Elves in the art, only those races can become Demon Hunters.

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New In-Game Candy

Even players who are not interested in the Demon Hunter get the chance to wield legendary new Artifact weapons when they get their new World Of Warcraft Legion. Three dozen weapons from the mythic gallery of Warcraft protagonists past and present will be locked behind new quests for players interested in obtaining these powerful items. With weapons for each class, Artifact weapons will come to form the backbone of players’ arsenals, and they will grow in strength and power as the players do and their appearance can be customized. Starting from level 102, new weapons will be available to unlock for each class.

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Each class will gain access to an Order Hall, gathering places for members of their order. It is here that players will customize their Artifact weapons and take missions for the newest area in the game: the Broken Isles. A shattered scattering of islands fighting for air near the fury of the Maelstrom in the Great Sea, the Broken Isles is where the remains of the Burning Legion’s leader, Sargeras, lie locked away. Raised from the depths by the Warlock Gul’dan long ago, the Broken Isles is the setting of the Legion’s latest invasion of Azeroth, and where both the Alliance and the Horde are based as they seek to defeat the demonic threat, once and for all.


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