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Welcome to another gaming “Sneak Peek”

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Calling all the heroes of the world! The fight is about to start! Overwatch CD KEY is an exciting new multiplayer first-person shooter game from Blizzard, the famed developer of gems such as Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. Set in the future, the game revolves around two competing squads with six players each. The first squad to fulfill the objectives of the round wins.



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There are 21 different heroes to choose from in Overwatch. Each hero has unique abilities but generally can be classified into one of four roles:

  1. Offense heroes focus on dealing heavy damage but they generally have low defense.
  2. Defense heroes disrupt enemies and hold back choke points.
  3. Tanks are in the frontlines because they take up a good chunk of damage from the opposing team.
  4. Supports give buffs to their allies such as shields and debuffs to enemies such as movement speed slows. The gameplay of a team changes with the choice of support.

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Because you can change heroes upon respawning, the game is not centered on maintaining a specific hero. Instead, players are expected to coordinate with their teammates and constantly change heroes depending on the circumstances. In terms of hero designs, heroes represent various races, genders, and types to represent a diverse community. Players can obtain or purchase cosmetic items to change the look of a specific hero. In terms of enemies, players can choose to play against AI. However, matches are expected to be competitive multiplayer. The server is smooth and matchmaking is convenient and effective. There is little doubt that the game offers a new perspective for first-person shooters. If you are looking to see the action firsthand, we’ve got the Overwatch CD KEY to get you started.

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Game Modes

Matches are held in scenic and responsive environments representing various parts of the world. The maps depend on the chosen game mode, which could be either Assault, Control, Escort, or Assault/Escort. Assault focuses on a race to complete objectives. Control focuses on maintaining hold of one of two objectives. Escort focuses on delivery to a specific point. Lastly, Assault/Escort is simply the capturing of an objective and escorting it to a location. Straying from the Deathmatch game mode from traditional shooters, where players simply strive to earn the most kills, this game offers a fresh team-based perspective that sets it aside from other multiplayer FPS games.

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The game is available across three platforms, namely the Xbox One, PC, and the Playstation 4. Graphics do not vary greatly across the three, save for some differences in lighting. The models are in crisp 3D. Animation, especially of the particles from projectiles and explosions, is somewhat cartoon-y yet still realistic and immersive. In general, the game exhibits a cheerful vibe that invites both young and old to participate.


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