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Vikings Strike Back!

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Vikings Wolves of Midgard is a 5-star video game that features wolves, which are creepy, daunting and much scary. These wolves are very much hungry and can feed on anything in order to survive. Ragnarok, an Asgard’s legend prophesies that as soon as the cold winter descents, the Jotan will unexpectedly return to take reprisal against the Gods of Asgard. As a result, the fate of Midgard will dangle in the balance, and the world will turn out to be at risk of perdition.

When the Frost and Fire Giants begin to unite their armies ready for war, they unpredictably bump into Ulfung, a clan made up of Wolves of Midgard. Horrific, but unbowed as a result of the destruction of their village, this notorious group of Viking fighters are determined to stop their fate by helping save the world.

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By taking the role of the clan’s chief in the game, I was supposed to save Midgard from total annihilation. Therefore, I hoped to lead the team to defeating those wretched creatures of the Fimbulwinter. Actually, I was at liberty of restoring the realms of the earthly Midgard by boiling Balheim and freezing Niflheim, either as a merciless shield-maiden or a fierce Viking warrior. Most importantly, I had to protect myself from contact with nature’s wrath, and struggled to withstand the deadly cold in order to survive.

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Game Features

Along the way, my team gained gifts from the Gods by collecting blood from fallen enemies and sacrificing it at the altar as a sign of honor, so as to enhance their powers and capabilities. The Rage Mode enabled me to overpower opponents in blood-thirsty combats since I activated it to take control anger. After learning how to use every single weapon well, I realized that it unlocked my real potential, including spell powered canes, bows and swords. Above all, I could make the capabilities of the Gods to be my very own by simply equipping power infused amulets such as the Talismans of Loki or Thor. To earn more rewards, I had to test new skills in the Trials of the Gods.

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The most interesting part of it all is that I could team up with pals and journey to the shores of Midgard together using the epic two user online co-op mode. Also, I had the freedom to select between four levels of difficulty, so I picked one that certainly suits my character’s talents and skills. All in all, I managed to rebuild and restore Midgard village and finally lead the clan to victory. Upgrading things such as mead hall, rune-smith, armorer, and weapon-smith was essential for me to unlock better equipment and more content.


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