Ubisoft Updates Their Logo!

A Change After 14 Years!

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Ubisoft decided to do a tiny update in their logo after 14 years! The new logo of the company has small significant changes in comparison with the old one. It is the 4th change to the logo from the day they founded the company. The new logo design is more vibrant and the part that is affected most is the center of the consecutive rounds and of course the font of text. Lets hope that the company will be also “updated” with the upcoming title announcements in E3 which starts in a few days!

Ubisoft Updated logo


  1. mktsarwat June 2, 2017

    They should update their UI too. However, their server is upgrading well to keep pace with others. Having good ping here and I am happy with it.

  2. james_ferrer06 June 2, 2017

    amazing logo! looks refreshing.

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