Top 4 Games From G2A Weekly Sale 1/1/2015

g2a weeklysale 1-1-2016

Welcome to this week’s G2A Weekly sale!

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Scroll down to see the TOP 4 games you must buy from G2A weekly sale. The games you will find are the best for their price in our opinion and ofcourse the discount is at least 40% OFF for each + an extra 3% OFF if you consider using our discount coupon PKEYS. Hurry up while it lasts because the sold out hammer will hit soon!

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 CD KEY

$32.27 | $65.15 -52%
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Grand Theft Auto V CD KEY

$31.15 | $52.11 -42%
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$35.60 | $65.15 -47%
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Project Cars CD KEY

$24.97 | $54.29 -54%
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