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In the first Titanfall, the developers at Respawn gave players game-changing mechanics in the first-person shooter genre. No franchise has ever successfully crafted an extremely fluid movement system, smart AI, and pilot combat action other than Titanfall. With the release of Titanfall 2, you can expect all the elements that you loved about the previous title, and so much more. In this sequel, the focus lies on the player versus player skirmishes instead of the AI battles — but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy killing Titans on your own. Check out this review to find more details about the new Titanfall game.



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New combat system

Since Titanfall 2 is now centered on PVP matches, the AI bots that you love destroying so much can only be found in one multiplayer mode. Newbie players will find this a challenge because they can usually rely on the AI to ease them into tougher matches, especially with stronger opponents. Even seasoned players use the AI to gain experience. However, the advantage here is that you get quicker games. The Titanfall franchise is fun to play when the matches are shorter. Think of the game as cotton candy — you need to eat it quick, or lest it becomes boring.

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Enjoy smoother gameplay

Fans of the first franchise will be happy to know that this new game retained the impressive robot action and smooth mobility, but the developers also made significant improvements. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the maps are easier to explore because they’re smaller. Once you spawn to a specific area, you don’t have to travel for miles to find the battle because the battle will surely find you. In addition, there is more room for customizing your character. New weapons such as multiple grenades and grappling hooks can now be used at your disposal. After each round, your weapons can level up and earn points, which you can trade for more powerful weapons.

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Kill for the money

To earn cash for buying weapons and accessories, all you need to do is kill the enemies. Several quests will also appear while you are in the middle of the match. These are general missions that can be completed by both teams while they’re fighting each other. If this were any other game, the mechanics should be simple. However, the tricky part here is the death penalty. When you die, you lose 50% of your earnings. In a first-person shooter game, there are numerous ways to die in each campaign. To keep your earnings safe, you have to run towards the nearest bank to deposit your money. The drawback here is that you will miss out on the other missions while depositing money.

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With impressive visuals and a unique gameplay, you can say that Titanfall 2 is one of the most exciting FPS titles this year. The AI bots will surely be missed, but at least the PVP matches are more exciting. Try not to die when completing a campaign with your squad!


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  1. stvogel December 19, 2016

    I own Titanfall 1 but have never actually played it; it got stuck on a back burner a long time ago, and I never gave it a shot. I might now.

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