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No Mans Sky is a survival-themed game from indie developer Hello Games. This game is set for release on June 24, 2016 so you had better prepare yourself because once the No Mans Sky CD KEY becomes available, massive download numbers are surely to follow.



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Game Features

This game centers on four pillars; survival, exploration, trading, and of course combat. The thing that sets this game apart from the other survival-themed games out there is the massive in-game universe that players can explore for countless hours. To give you an idea on just how vast the No Mans Sky game world really is, the developers say that there are 18 quintillion (that’s 19 zeroes) to explore, and many of these planets have their own unique flora and fauna.

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You’d think that making such an expansive game world means that the developers would sacrifice quality, but this is not the case with No Mans Sky. In fact, players will surely find themselves entranced at just how much detail there is in the game environment. It will not be too far-fetched to assume that you will spend hours just admiring the landscape without doing too much of exploring during the first time you load this game.

The Best Explorer Is You!

The exploration aspect of No Man’s Sky is unique because you get to share your knowledge with other players through the use of the game’s built-in atlas. In fact, players actually receive in-game currency just by entering information in the Atlas. The more plants and animals that you discover and record in the Atlas, the more rewards you get. Even though the wide game universe means that players are more inclined to explore, other facets of the game make it so enjoyable. For instance, you should not kill too many of a planet’s wildlife, even if said animals are attacking you, because this will only get the unwanted attention of the Sentinels, artificial lifeforms whose sole task is to eliminate players who take advantage of the planets’ eco-systems.

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Although Sony is their promotional and marketing partner, the people at Hello Games refused their offer of technical support at game development, which is quite admirable since they only have a staff of around a dozen or so developers. You will even admire them more considering the size of the in-game universe rivals that of the games of many other big-name game developers. So, if you’re looking for a game that really blends many different genres together seamlessly, then you really should get No Mans Sky the same minute it becomes available on the market!


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