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Conan Exiles CD KEY set’s you in the brutal islands of Conan the Barbarian. It is an open world survival game that takes you through thick and thin. The opponents and challenges that you must face are indeed tough and harsh. In this unforgiving world, you will rarely have a moment to think twice about any decision that has to do with fight or flight. There is always some enemy that is ready to strike you whenever you are found unaware or not in the move. Keep in mind that the setting comes with lots of distraction points and features that take your concentration off the surroundings.



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Conan Exiles Online Mode

Multiplayer connects you with servers that give you, even more, features and a whole bunch of readily available cons and tricks to further enhance the gameplay. You can play alongside other players in various island settings. Getting through the rough landscape requires a confident player. A player who is ready to fight their way against the monsters that are lying around all over the island. Dont forget about the  fellow players we mentioned before. You can share with them tips and invaluable support in times of tricky situations that could pit you against an insurmountable number of enemies.

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Additionally, you will also get to see how you fare against the others that are all in the fight for survival on the harsh and incredibly difficult island. However, the online feature still comes with a few downfalls such as temporary outages whenever the servers are under high capacity or traffic loads which could lead into the lagging experience.

Graphics & Gameplay

At the same time, the game gives you better immersive experience as well as a more engaging session which will keep you constantly at the edge of your seat. The graphics are quite surreal owing to online capabilities and an enhanced gaming engine that gives you a better view of the island and enemies that are always in the near vicinity. It also comes with more enhanced controls that gives you a much smoother move in the game and the sound capabilities will provide you with some amazing effects.

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The game is surreal owing to an advanced physics engine and the movements will be felt like real. Things that fall will additionally have better effects regarding breaking down or even collapsing as the gravity in this virtual world provides better collisions that will be sure to excite. As you go about trying out Conan Exiles, you will experience that it runs under a similiar concept to Ark Survival Evolved which is not bad at all (especially if you consider how succesfull ARK survival was). Anyway, the all reality and gameplay of Conan Exiles ensures that you are able to make it through the islands and learn how to survive in the face of a disaster. Enjoy!


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  1. ahmadk78613 March 7, 2017

    open world game which i really enjoyed.

  2. Eman February 20, 2017

    open world game with epic monsters. enjoy building your base and survive.

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