Steam Download & Steam CD KEY Activation Guide

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This is the complete guide on how to create your personal steam account, download steam client and activate your new cd key or gift! Just go through the following steps and all your questions will be answered very soon.

Steam Account

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In order to create your steam account you have to visit steam’s official website. There, by clicking the “Login” button up on the top you will be transferred to the following page:

steam account creation

On this page by clicking the “Join Steam” you will be guided through some more steps where you have to provide your personal info, your email, name and password in order to be able to login to the website and client after you download it in future.

Steam Download

After you are done creating your account and in order to activate your games and start gaming, you have to download the client. Again at the top of the website you have to click the “Install Steam” button which will transfer you to the page below:

steam download client

When on page, click the “Install Steam Now” button to start downloading the file. After the download is complete, double click the file to start the install process. The wizard will guide you through the standard install procedure. After you finish all the steps and the shortcut is created on your desktop, double click that shortcut. The client software will popup (might run some typical updates) and it will ask for the username/email and password. Use the ones you filled in during the “create steam account” process. You successfully installed and logged in to the client!

Redeem Steam Code

Now lets say that you just bought you favorite Steam games and you don’t know how to activate them and eventually start gaming! Its really easy. Open the client, when you are on the main dashboard look for the option “games” and click it. Then a drop down menu will show up with several options. Click “Activate a Product on Steam…”

steam cd key activation

A small window will show up. The only thing you have to do there is to click the next/agree buttons in order to show the following:

redeem steam code

Inside the empty field you have to type/paste the unique key code that was provided to you when you made the purchase from a store, then click “next” button. This unique code can be found in your account page of the website you made the purchase, also the store might sent it to you via email. If errors occur during the game activation you have to send ticket to the store you made the purchase and explain them the situation. They will probably refund, or send you new code. Otherwise i suppose everything went well and you successfully activated the game! Now go to your Library and check if the game is in there:

download steam game

Done activating my cd key, now i need to start gaming!

If you successfully made the activation, the game should be listed in here with several info like achievements and more. To start downloading the game in order to begin installing and finally start gaming, click the “Install” button. You have to wait several minutes (depends on your internet connection and your systems power) until the client completes the whole procedure. After the download and install of the game is done, click the icon from the library or use the shortcut on your desktop or start menu to launch it!

Activate Steam Gift

Steam gifts owning a respectful percentage of the market now a days. Many stores around are selling these “gifts” instead of the standard steam key in a lot cheaper price. This forces people buy steam gifts which at the end of the day has small differences compared to the standard key code.

What is the Steam Gift?

Gifts are unique codes that the seller sends them via email. Every code is made especially for the one who recieves it, it can be activated only once and it cannot be refunded. BE CAREFUL when you buy steam gift codes unless you know what you are doing. When the email with the gift arrives in your inbox, open it and click the link inside it. This will take you to a page which looks like the image below:

steam gift redeem code

Click the “Accept gift” button and choose between having the game added directly in to your game library or in your gift inventory. After you make your selection (i would prefer to have it in my library) go to your library and click the “Install” button! There you go, after some minutes you will be able to play the game!

Redeem Steam Wallet Code

Easy procedure is also if you want to redeem a Steam gift card which adds money to your account. Open up your steam program again and up on the top click the games and then click the “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code”.

redeem steam wallet code

After clicking it, a new screen will show up. Now in the empty field you need to enter the code you scratched from the card you just bought or if it is digital you need to copy and paste the code given to you after the purchase.

enter gift card code

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