Sneak And Kill On Styx Shards Of Darkness!

styx shards of darkness review

Styx Shards Of Darkness Review!

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Stealth and mayhem give a whole new meaning to silence as you sneak about either on your own or in the companion of a friend in the multiplayer strategy. When you play using the multiplayer strategy, you will be able to quickly clear levels, reach your objectives and be able to avoid getting spotted. You can always integrate intrusions as a part of your gaming strategy to draw the attention away from the less prominent character to enable at least one of you to get through the course without detection.

By putting down multiple guards simultaneously lets you gain much faster access into facilities and sneak into places that would have previously seemed impenetretable. For more seamless assassinations, you can have one of the players take down the mass that is keeping the targets from the general public as well as ensuring that there is a clean getaway after the assassination. In the game you are easily able to select your own type of targets, determine the best course of action to go about the takedowns. This is the most effective way of slipping in and out undetected.

styx shards of darkness goblins

Shards of darkness gives you the best and most stealth experience that is quite entertaining and rather intense as there are always random characters waiting to pop up at the most unexpected moment thus getting in your way or tripping up your escape. Murder and mayhem in the styx is a big part of the game. As a player, you are in charge of getting down one assassination target after the other in an orderly fashion to prevent others getting alerted or even arousing suspicion. You will tend to have more than one target or even a list of targets on your missions and gradually killing them one after the other in pairs proves to be quite the approach.

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About Goblins

Goblin assassins have their own sets of talents and powers which lets them enter undeterred into the compounds or locations of the target. While one is keeping the guards busy, the other gets in quickly and slits the throat of the target without too much noise making a clean escape in the end. They also tend to work in pairs mostly and when you have a good rapport going, you will rarely be caught in the act or even get arrested as your kills will always go down with ease and your score sheet will rapidly fill up.

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Styx Shards Of Darkness Conclusion

The missions are rather intense and very entertaining involving a different stuff each time. This means: a new location, new approaches to the assassination and also varying levels of danger or difficulty to do with the kill. You will have tons of fun and with graphics that are on an high level, you will have one immersive experience and missions to remember. As a stealth game, this is one of the most anticipated releases of the year.


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  1. vyshak.poulose March 16, 2017

    After playing this game for some time it reminds me of the older AA games from the PS2 days it is focused on the game play, if you arent sure whether or not you will like this, play one of the older Thief games its alot like that with very open maps and many ways to go about things. the game also runs really well on a 950 TI I got 50-60 fps and 60 with a 1060 6 gig. overall i like this game a lot more than the original.

  2. alinady82 March 15, 2017

    that’s really an awesome freaking cool game of this year

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