Sid Meiers Civilization VI: An Epic Reinvention of the Classic

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2016 is a special year for the Civilization game franchise as it celebrates its 25th years in the industry. That’s an impressive milestone, considering that most gamers these days are shifting to more portable consoles. The last game that Sid Meier created was Civilization: Beyond Earth. Although this title gained positive reviews, its quality did not match with the other games in the franchise, so it was considered more as a spin-off rather than a sequel. Thankfully, they’re releasing another title this year that is waaaaaay better than Beyond Earth. Sid Meiers Civilization VI is a reinvention of the classic franchise, replete with stunning art, impressive sci-fi mechanics, better multiplayer system, and more! Check out this review to get the details from this upcoming game.



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Purdy Visuals

As you enter the game, the first thing that you will notice is the dramatic change in art style. Civilization VI still follows the same hex-grid layout seen in Civilization V, but the developers toned down the environment’s highly realistic look. That’s not really something to complain about because the cartoonish design and brighter colors make it more appealing. The new art style has that unique beauty that can’t be appreciated if you just check it out via screenshots. You need to see the game’s fluid motion in order to understand it.

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No More 24-Hour Queues In Multiplayer Mode

In Sid Meiers Civilization VI, multiplayer battles can drag on for almost a day. But now, the developers at Firaxis improved the game speed and modified the victory sets so players can enjoy quicker rounds. If you are playing a multiplayer campaign that runs from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period, there will be specific conditions in order to win. An example would be having the most powerful religious group. With this change, games only need to last for one to two hours because there is only a specific goal that players need to focus on.

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AI Characters Now Have An Agenda

The diplomacy system is now more dynamic because AI leaders have their own agenda that is specific to their personality. Each of their playing style is unique without going beyond their expected roles. This will make interactions with them more exciting. For instance, one leader may be obsessed with making alliances with nearby cities. To deal with this character, you can either pledge your allegiance, or fight over a city’s affection. In this game, you need to research what makes the AI happy or angry.

Thanks to the improvements added by the developers, Sid Meiers Civilization VI proves that the franchise is stronger than ever. The smarter AI will force players to think out of their comfort zones when managing their empires. And with the improved multiplayer system, friends can complete meaningful campaigns together without wasting so much time.


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  1. stvogel December 21, 2016

    It amazes me that after 25 years this franchise is not only viable, but exceptional. This was NOT a disappointment.

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