Release Date for Divinity Original Sin 2

Comes This Autumn!

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Larian Studios announced the release date of the much anticipated Divinity Original Sin 2. In the beginning the title was scheduled for release in the end of 2016 but because the sequel is much more bigger in size compared with the previous game and because the developers want to offer a unique experience to the players, they decided to set a new release date which is September 2017.

divinity original sin gets a release date

Finally the best part is that in this announcement the dev team offered the early access of the title which includes 2 new territories and a new system to improve your relations with your companion. The title for now is going to be released only for PC, while in near future its nit impossible to see it also in consoles.

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  1. mktsarwat June 7, 2017

    Enjoyed the last game. Lets see what happens in this one.

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