Ready To Survive from Resident Evil 7 Biohazard?

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Consider this, you are feeling foggy, unaware even of the things that are around you. You haven’t a clue about the date or even the year you are in. And to top it all off, you are alone. You wake up and find yourself in an abandoned farmhouse and by the time your senses are getting oriented in the proper manner, the daylight has already faded out and you need to make your way out of the building. This is the horrific experience that is brought on by the new Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and provides for a thrill that will get down to your five senses.

When it comes to survival horror, this is one of the rare games that has done it time and again, taking the bar ever higher and meeting or even exceeding expectations of the gaming community as new developments take place in the innocuous looking farmhouse that is claimed to be infested by ghosts and a bunch of horrors that will leave you with that bitter taste in your mouth if you’re not lucky enough to get out and make it out of the building. However, this is only the beginning as there are more horrors lurking in the shadows and in trenches ready to pounce upon you anytime you are not looking.

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Gameplay of Resident Evil 7

The game has got different points of view thanks to the new resident evil game engine that has been particularly engineered and designed for such a purpose; to give you a hair-raising horror experience and the chance to get yourself a harrowing escape from the hordes fo enemies that lie in wait in the form of different things. Hence, you cannot trust which places to hide in as you could be waltzing right over into the gaping mouth of a waiting enemy that is ready to munch you and leave nothing but bones.

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As you make your progress in this game, you are presented with varying twists and turns that will ensure that you have steady improvement such as knowing where you are, the kind of enemies that lie ahead as well as better means of dealing with the horrors which could always mutate to become better and better each time you encounter them.

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Final Words

Biohazard is a leap by great bounds over its previous counterparts and is expected to make quite the impact on the gaming community, most of whom are anxiously anticipating the launch of the new title. Definitely, gameplay has not been even in the least compromised on in this harrowing tale and the graphics are quite remarkable considering the fact that this is mostly a dark tale with the enemies hiding where you could least expect them to be. At the same time, gaming controls have been given a huge boost in the game and you can expect to move about more easily, have a better view of what lies ahead as well as being prepared for a new wave of invading ghosts who are intent on tearing you to pieces or giving you the chills when you come across them.


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  1. vyshak.poulose March 14, 2017

    If you look down ingame, you can see your legs!

  2. ahmadk78613 March 6, 2017

    Overall a good game and very good story.

  3. Eman February 19, 2017

    Resident Evil 7 succeeds in both reinventing itself and in catering to the fans of the originals.

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