Random Premium Steam CD KEYS Are Legit?

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Random Premium Steam Cd Keys Truth!

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If you love cheap cd keys, then this is the spot for you! Here you will find the random steam cd keys and random premium steam cd keys that being offered by our partner stores. These keys are totally legit and gives you real steam games much more expensive than the price paid! The game quality is a guarantee, since at least 10% of all keys on each auction contain games valued at $20 or even more in reference to base Steam prices. The games rated with 70% of Metascore or even higher. NO free games! NO DLC codes! NO demo codes! All games are randomly picked by algorithm, specially designed for this particular type of auctions, so you have a chance to receive a game that you have always wanted to play!

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  1. howtotutorials8669 February 3, 2018

    they sure are legit! :D

  2. masterofallmasters2 January 17, 2018

    That is really good they might give u games like gta or battlegrounds

  3. demobuoy November 28, 2017

    Take them. the games are usually of a bigger price than the one paid. At least that’s what happened to me :)
    Thank you PcCdKeys :)

  4. ivanmestre October 27, 2017

    Hope they work, I’ll wait till I have enough points to redeem

  5. ahmadk78613 October 13, 2017

    I need one for free :D

  6. mktsarwat June 6, 2017

    Soon I will be getting one and posting here what I got. Crossing my fingers until then.

  7. G2A Team May 29, 2016


    It works! There is a wide variety of games that can be acquired by purchasing Random key packs. None of them are free and by purchasing the Premium keys, you gain a guarantee of the quality of the games as well.

    If you have any further questions or doubts, keep in mind that you can always find additional information on G2A’s FAQ or by con-tacting us on Live Chat or writing at helpdesk(at)g2a.com. Our consultants are there for you 24/7.

    See you again at G2A!


    G2A Team

  8. sanzcracken May 15, 2016

    mmm thats really works??

  9. alinady82 April 11, 2016

    I need one :D

  10. joshdaman02 March 12, 2016

    What kind of game can you get??
    Free ones???
    Hope not that would suck!!!

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