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Another year, another lap for the Formula One game series. The latest entry in the high-adrenalin racing series, F1 2016 promises a return to form after disappointments in Codemasters previous release. Hopefully, the changes will make F1 2016 CD KEY  better and cheaper! The retail price after the release is expected to be less than $30.00. Codemasters seeks to assuage those frustrated by quirks and bugs in the multiplayer system. Fans will be happy to know that the feature has been overhauled, shined, and tuned back into shape.



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Greater verisimilitude and an increased focus on details and immersion in the racing world also promise to inject fresh life into the game, with players being able to create and play as their own avatar, including female drivers as one of the possibilities being floated around, even though currently, there are no women competitors in the sport. An expanded career mode makes its triumphant return in F1 2016 after being mysteriously omitted from the 2015 game. Playing with their own in-game character, players can hop in right away with the big dogs like Ferrari but will have to justify their choice by performing well right from the start. On the other hand, a player might prefer to throw in with one of the lesser known teams and work their way to the top over 10 intense and gruelling seasons.

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When you’re not out on the track, you’ll be spending time in your paddock with your agent and your team’s engineer. Do well and your agent will heap praise on you, but do poorly and she will eventually break the bad news that your team just kicked you out. Your engineer, meanwhile, is responsible for making your selected improvements to your vehicle. Depending on how well you do in races, you earn development points which you can spend on various upgrade and research paths for you and your team. It’s not just you who has to earn these points: Your AI competitors also have to get their points the hard way, and if you are a minor team moving up the ranks, expect the top dogs to burn their points to keep you from taking their spot.

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In the PC version, F1 2016 features the most demanding graphical requirements to date. The high setting is pegged on the capabilities of the Nvidia GTX 980 and the AMD R9 Fury. At minimum, your processor will have to be at least an Intel Core i5 4690 or an AMD FX 8320, and you will need to have at least 8 GB of memory. In conclusion there are no many things to consider before you punch in that F1 2016 CD KEY.


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