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Quantum Break is an action-packed, fast-paced video game that lets you shape and bend time in order to live and survive. It integrates gameplay and television into one uniquely engaging sci-fi experience that gets everyone stuck to their seats.



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In the game, players play as the primary protagonist, Jack Joyce. Joyce has a power to manipulate time and make everything around him freeze, thereby increasing his efficiency in combats. The game is played from a third-person perspective. Players encounter a number of enemies, including the security guards of Monarch; the Strikers who are armed with specially designed suits that give them time manipulation powers; and the Juggernauts who are heavily equipped with powerful firearms. Each set of enemies has a unique behavior, and the players are required to deploy various strategies and tactics in order to beat them.

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Jack can collect four kinds of firearms: shotguns, pistols, carbine rifles, and assault rifles. The player can use different defensive and offensive abilities to defeat his enemies. He can also employ Jack’s time-manipulating powers, such as:

1. Time Stop – this gives Jack the ability to freeze time around his enemies using a time bubble. Shooting the opponent caught in the bubble will amplify his power and kill the enemies as soon as the bubble disappears.

2. Time Rush – this allows Jack to dart towards the enemy and execute a quick melee takedown. It can also be used to accelerate time and dodge from cover to cover so as to confuse the enemies of his whereabouts.

3. Time Blast – the power to levitate enemies and freeze them.

4. Time Shield – a defensive ability that deflects incoming dangers.

5. Time Dodge – this allows the player to move quickly to avoid attacks.

Most of Jack’s time-manipulating powers require a short cool-down period after each use.

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Main Characters

The main characters of Quantum Break are:

Jack Joyce – the player character and plot’s primary protagonist

William Joyce – Jack’s estranged brother; a physicist

Beth Wilde – a double agent of Monarch

Paul Serene – the primary protagonist and Jack’s former best friend

Martin Hatch – Paul’s second-in-command; face and CEO of Monarch

Sofia Amaral – Paul’s advisor and doctor

Charlie Wincott – surveillance head of Monarch

Liam Burke – lead security staff of Monarch

Fiona Miller – Wincott’s close friend; a Monarch employee

Amy Ferrero – lead protester

Nick Marsters – taxi driver

Emily Burke – wife of Liam Burke

The game was published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Remedy Entertainment. It was released worldwide in April 2016, for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.


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