Project Cars 2 Release Date

New Trailer Included!

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Finally after a long time of wait and many trailers Bandai Namco decided to give us the official release date for Project Cars 2. the company broke the silence and a few days before E3 announced that the game is expected to get a release globally in September 22 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Also, in E3 a demo will be available to give a nice glimpse of the changes that the company is going to offer in this brand new racing simulator to the ones that are going to attend the show. Next you can see a brand new trailer of the title…


  1. 8shedevil8 August 16, 2017

    I already spent hours playing the first one, let’s hope this one lives up to its name!

  2. james_ferrer06 June 10, 2017

    I just hope that they’ve fixed the handling on the pad.

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