World Ship Simulator CD KEY

World Ship Simulator CD KEY
  • World Ship Simulator cd key steam
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SKU: world-ship-simulator

World Ship Simulator CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Simulation  |  Web: Official Website

Do you ever like to go to the ocean with a crew and explore some new adventure? Then it awaits you in World Ship Simulator- a video game developed by Odin Game Studio. A humble beginning with a single ship is the introduction of the game. But as long as you go through the game you will acknowledge that there is a large open world to explore, in career mode, with a actual crew to command. But the changing weather on the sea may not be always in your favour. Complete some jobs to earn experience to take more challenging contracts with greater rewards and also can earn money to repair your vessel or own some magnificent ships. Furthermore you could also build a shipping company. Manipulate time to make those long journey across the sea pass more quickly. Hold your ship at port to undertake new missions. Experience the excitement with World Ship Simulator. So just play and enjoy it.

Standard Edition Includes:
World Ship Simulator

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