The Superfluous CD KEY

The Superfluous CD KEY
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The Superfluous CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Platformer  |  Web: Official Website

The Superfluous is a cave-diving platformer with jet packs and lots of explosions. Help stop an apocalyptic asteroid on collision course with Earth. Lead a squad to the center of the asteroid and blast it into space dust. As squad member kill enemies and clear cave sectors they gain XP. When they gain enough XP the go up a level and a random perk is assigned. These will be lost on death and can be changed for gold back at base. In Superfluous levels are randomly generated and get progressively harder as the player progresses through them. The player’s goal is to defeat a boss to unlock the next biome. This game was designed to be played in both keyboard/mouse and controller.

Standard Edition Includes:
The Superfluous

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