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The Last Guardian PS4
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SKU: last-guardian-ps4

The Last Guardian for Playstation 4

Genre: Adventure  |  Web: Official Website

The Last Guardian is a third-person form game that combines elements of action, adventure, and puzzles. Players will control the un-named boy who can run, climb, jump and perform various other actions similar to the gameplay in Ueda’s previous titles. Players may also need to use the environment so as to move around quietly or defeat shadow being guards, however, in the beginning of the game, the boy has no weapons. The guards are slow moving but can still capture the boy and if players are unable to free the boy in time, the game is over. Players will also be manipulating Trico, the beast similar to the way a real animal is manipulated using tricks like luring with food in order to reach high places or other hard to reach areas while at the same time trying to avoid enemies. Much of the game is centered on the player developing friendship between Trico and the boy. The narrative is similar to the ones in the previous titles by Ueda in that it is spoken in a foreign language with subtitles that translate appropriately and continues to run the game as players accomplish various tasks and if a player gets stuck, the narrative is well delivered to guide him/her on what must be completed.

Standard Edition Includes:
The Last Guardian


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