Tangled Up! CD KEY

Tangled Up! CD KEY
  • tangled up! cd key for steam
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Tangled Up! CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Puzzle  |  Official Website: www.2piinteractive.com

This is a story of two electric charges “Positive Charge” & “Negative Charge” who are paired by an electric string. In their happy going life one fine day the string bonding them together, brings up on a greatest tragedy to their life by getting tangled up on their way back home and not letting them unite. By taking the help of their best pals “Batteries” and applying the principles of magnetism, Opposite charges attract and Like charges repel lets untangle them and bring them back together to let their eternal love blossom again. Solve the mind bending puzzle by untangling the couple and be the part of their journey. Things can never be so simple beware of the enemies, insulators and seducing lone charges. Take the help of your allies, conductors and semiconductors to untangle the bond. Spin the wheel and get rewarded with power ups and hints, which will help to solve the puzzles when the levels get tricky.