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Steep CD KEY
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SKU: steep

Steep CD KEY for Uplay

Genre: Sports  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: Xbox One, PS4

Pc gaming fanatics will tell you for a fact that it has been quite a while since a pc- based extreme sports game was launched into the market. It is about time, isn’t it? Steep (pc game) is an open- world kind of game that offers a broad variety of races, events and wipe out missions. Seeing that it is a board game, it is more of skating than skiing. Abilities such as back flips, pirouettes and obstacles similar to ramps are added skate- like features that make this game all the more appealing. This pc game boasts of captivating features such as a great view of the mountains, a serene environment and calming background music.

These added attributes are meant to appeal to the player thus improving their gaming experience. Being an exploration game, it is uniquely set up in Alps mountains to emphasize this aspect. It is important to note that the game’s difficulty level is not too overbearing therefore one is still able to enjoy maneuvering through the parts of the terrain that can be said to be barely navigable. Also, note that the falls you will occasionally experience in the game are made out to cause less impact than one would imagine. Once down, you can easily pick yourself up and go on with a race.

Standard Edition Includes:

Gold Edition Includes:
Steep + Season Pass + Bonus

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