Serious Sam VR The Last Hope CD KEY

Serious Sam VR The Last Hope CD KEY
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SKU: serious-sam-vr-last-hope

Serious Sam VR The Last Hope CD KEY for Steam

Genre: FPS, VR  |  Web: Official Website

Those of you who have been watching the game development scene pretty closely are surely familiar with Serious Sam VR The Last Hope, a virtual reality game developed by Croteam you can play using Oculus RIft as well as HTC Vive. The game has peaked the interests of numerous gamers ever since it was first shown to the public at Reboot Develop 2016 as a pre-alpha demo, where it received incredibly positive response from attendees. Croteam has since announced the development of the game in full, which they announced at E3, and the initial demo of the game was shown on multiple exhibitions including PAX, EGX, as well as Gamescom. Now, you can enjoy Serious Sam VR The Last Hope on Steam Early Access and see for yourself what makes this game so special for those who have played it.

Serious Sam VR The Last Hope in its current version has two full planets, Earth as well as Pladeon, for a total of eight different locations as well as two final boss fights which Croteam has promised to be epic. There are 10 weapons available for you to choose from right off the bat, as well as twenty different enemy types; some you might already be familiar with from the previous Serious Sam titles, while others are completely new to Serious Sam VR The Last Hope.

There are also quite a few different missions for you to enjoy on both Earth and Pladeon, while Croteam has promised to include even more weapons, enemies, and many other new features into the full version of the game itself. With Serious Sam VR The Last Hope, you can expect an amazing virtual reality experience battling bosses in many different planets while getting achievements along the way.

Standard Edition Includes:
Serious Sam VR The Last Hope

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