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Robinson The Journey PS4
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Robinson The Journey for Playstation 4

Genre: Adventure, VR  |  Web: Official Website

Experience a living, breathing world with your own eyes using the power of PlayStation VR – and keep all your senses finely tuned to stay alive in the natural habitat of enormous prehistoric lizards. See this new environment through the eyes of Robin, a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet where the Jurassic era envelops the entire world. Uncover the secrets of Robin’s incredible surroundings in an emotionally charged storyline and explore the unknown lands alongside a robotic assistant who flies with you at every step of the journey. Interact with the terrain, foliage and creatures you’ll encounter, from harmless herbivores to terrifying, immense apex predators – and experience the intense realism brought to the VR headset by the power of CRYENGINE.

Standard Edition Includes:
Robinson The Journey


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