Ride 2 CD KEY

Ride 2 CD KEY
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SKU: ride-2

Ride 2 CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Racing  |  Official Website: Official Website

Developed by Milestone, Ride 2 is a game, which allows players to access a series of customizable choppers. They can change the wheels, paint color, cylinders and engines, to name a few. Players can also create personalized riders. They can choose everything from the rider’s nationality, skin color, name, apparel and equipment. When the avatars have been designed, players can then choose starter bikes to run through the tarmac with.  Available in single and multiplayer modes, they can race to gain credits and improve their standing. Different game modes and difficulties are available. Different bikes are also readily accessible, 177 in total, but some require certain levels to have been completed first.

Standard Edition Includes:
Ride 2

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