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Prey 2017 for XBOX ONE

Genre: FPS  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: PC, PS4  |  Blog: Prey 2017 News

Taking place in 2032, in an alternate timeline where John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt that took his life in 1963 and played a role in the United States’ flourishing space program by giving it more funding. This single-player first-person shooter game lets you play as Morgan Yu, who will face hostile aliens abroad a space station. Unlike many other first-person shooter games, where plot and narrative is less of a focus, Prey 2017 is said to feature strong narrative together with elements you commonly find in role-playing game. The game is not completely linear, as Prey 2017 allows the decisions of players to affect certain aspects of the story itself. Players will also be able to customize their characters, with features such as power absorption from the aliens your player character will be facing to the ability to explore not only the inside of the space station, but also its outside in zero gravity in order to find shortcuts. This ensures that your exploration and adventure in Prey 2017 is continuous, instead of mission-based.

Standard Edition includes:
Prey 2017

retail box worldThis is a retail Box edition of the game and includes a disc. This store ships wordwide but before you buy check for any delivery costs (taxes, etc) and delivery time for your country. Also make sure that you purchase the correct version for your region (PAL or NTSC).

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