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Prey 2017 for Playstation 4

Genre: FPS  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: PC, Xbox One  |  Blog: Prey 2017 News

Prey 2017 has been in development for quite a long time now, which is why fans of the original Prey back in 2006 must be excited to find out that after years ever since it was first announced you will be able to enjoy its thrilling sequel just next year in 2017. Prey 2017 is developed by Arkane Studios and will be published by Bethesda Softworks, of The Elder Scrolls fame, and will be available for major platforms including Microsoft WIndows, Playstation 4, as well as XBox One. Although it was first intended to be a direct sequel to Prey, in its development Prey 2017 will instead be a re-imagining of the original Prey as opposed to a sequel.

Standard Edition includes:
Prey 2017

retail box worldThis is a retail Box edition of the game and includes a disc. This store ships wordwide but before you buy check for any delivery costs (taxes, etc) and delivery time for your country. Also make sure that you purchase the correct version for your region (PAL or NTSC).

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