Prey 2017 CD KEY

Prey 2017 CD KEY
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SKU: prey-2017

Prey 2017 CD KEY for Steam

Genre: FPS  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: Xbox One, PS4

Prey is a forthcoming first-person shooter video game that’s developed and designed by Arkane Studios. The game is effectually published by Bethesda Softworks and is scheduled to be released early 2017. Basically, this game’s application will perfectly work on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Although it is a sequel to the Prey of 2006, it is designed with modified features developed by Human Head Studios. Bethesda Softworks actually describes the game as a re-imaging of the original prey of 2006. The player classically takes up the role of Morgan Yu who is a human character that aboard a space station, but unfortunately encounters various hostile aliens. When playing, the users shall be able to choose certain aspects of Yu, including gender. Majorly, the decision that will be made by the player will greatly affect the course of the entire game’s story. In order to survive, the player will be required to guide Yu to collect and use resources & weapons aboard the station to defeat and fend off the aliens.

Standard Edition Includes:
Prey 2017

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