Osiris New Dawn CD KEY

Osiris New Dawn CD KEY
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SKU: osiris-new-dawn

Osisiris New Dawn CD KEY for Steam

Genre: MMO  |  Web: None

Osiris New Dawn is a game of survival on a map full of huge alien beasts. Although there are no dinosaurs here, this title in many ways reminds us of the popular ARK Survival Evolved. This is also an indie game that is in short time attracted a lot of players on Steam, but also an atypical graphically impressive title for an indie production. The year is 2046 and humanity is revealed the engine near-light speed, which allowed Osiris expedition in the Gliese 581 system. You’re the second colonization team sent by U.N.E. (United Nations of Planet Earth) that needs to study the potentially habitable planets.

The vehicle is broken, and you have to perform an emergency landing on the surface of the planet. You need to overcome dangers connected with unpredictable weather conditions by constructing the central database, expand of the structure to grow your food, create research centers, explore new technologies and create new droids and vehicles, and travel toward the center of the beautiful planet inhabited by aliens. As soon as night falls, you have to be very careful, otherwise the monsters will tear you to pieces.

Make a craft and soar into space and travel to other planets of the solar system. Explore the alien system and colonize the world of incredible wonders and terrible danger. Work together with online players and build a prosperous colony and defend it from the terrifying alien beings, natural phenomena such as meteor rain and attack colonies of other online players. Fight against intelligent extraterrestrial beings with predatory instincts. Equip yourself with weapons and be ready for anything.

Standard Edition Includes:
Osiris New Dawn

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