Master Of Orion CD KEY

Master Of Orion CD KEY
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Master Of Orion CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Adventure  |  Official Website:

The ascendant spacefaring 4X strategy game returns! A new chapter in the epic Master of Orion saga is poised to once again capture the imaginations of millions of gamers. Diehard fans of the first games will be ecstatic to know that this revival is being built under the watchful eyes of members from the original development team, in conjunction with NGD Studios in Buenos Aires! Discover Master of Orion as it was always meant to be: A fully orchestrated score, interstellar warfare and exploration against the backdrop of beautifully animated far flung galaxies. Confront hostile civilizations, negotiate with mysterious aliens, share knowledge with allies and uncover this newly imagined universe.


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Master Of Orion CD KEY

Master Of Orion CD KEY + Master Of Orion 1 + Master Of Orion 2 + Master Of Orion 3