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Horizon Zero Dawn for Playstation 4

Genre: Action, Adventure  |  Web: Official Website

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action adventure game exclusive for PlayStation 4. The game is all about a skilled hunter called Aloy and her journey to the world of technology. Aloy is ready to explore the lush and exuberant world of mysterious mechanized beings who claim to overcome any slight opposition. The game also unravels the secrets of ancient artifacts, tribal societies, and upgraded technologies that will determine the direction of the entire universe.

Aloy remains a resourceful hunter with the proclivities of the ancient relics from the past. She is highly fascinated with technology and grew up as an outcast having no parents. Aloy explores the true source of her origin and later discovered more than anticipated. She also noticed the rapid alteration of the world the dangers in it. Among the raging dangers of the world are innovative machines such as hyena-like Scrapper and the laser-blazing beings.

Horizon Zero Dawn

retail box worldThis is a retail Box edition of the game and includes a disc. This store ships wordwide but before you buy check for any delivery costs (taxes, etc) and delivery time for your country. Also make sure that you purchase the correct version for your region (PAL or NTSC).

psn digital key codeThis is an official licence code for the game (Be aware for possible EU or US region restrictions). Log in to your Playstation Network account and enter the digital game code you received to activate the game. Internet connection is required.

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