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Final Fantasy XV XBOX ONE
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SKU: final-fantasy-xv

Final Fantasy XV for XBOX ONE

Genre: RPG  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: PS4

Final Fantasy XV is an open world RPG. The 15th establishment in the franchise starts to open up by giving room for combat and becomes vastly entertaining while offering challenging and satisfying gameplay. The game’s combat system is very fluid and completely customizable. Players have the option of quickly switching weapons on the fly so as to exploit an enemy’s weakness or create unique spells that have a variety of secondary powers alongside their elemental connections. The battles in the game just look and feel very entertaining and watching your main character phase in and out of existence while still chaining together various attacks with a javelin that is twice his size is always breathtaking. The magic spells are also very flashy and some of the enemies that players will be up against will be quite huge and epic making them very memorable. In addition, Noctis’ crew has a unique AI-Controlled party system which is designed to give players a welcomed feeling of power over his allies.

Standard Edition Includes:
Final Fantasy XV

Bonus Edition Includes:
Final Fantasy XV + Bonus Downloadable Content + Weapon: Blazefire Saber (FFXIII) + Items: Gouremand Set


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