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Dogos CD KEY
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Dogos CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Action  |  Official Website:

50 years ago the earth was invaded by a race of biomechanical beings. Humans, nicknamed Zeetnuks. Those creatures turned into dust everything in their path. They consumed almost every resource on our planet. In the last years of the war, it was possible to build a bunch of airships in order to change the course of battle. Combining human technology with Zeetnuk tech, a squadron of powerful airships was born. The engineers christened KZ-72 and SI-15. Pilots preferred to call them DOGOS. However, before the squad could go into combat something went wrong, and the Zeetnuks launched a surprise attack on the human base where the prototypes were built. Fortunately, Desmond Phoenix, being the skilled pilot he is managed to take control of one of the ships and escaped death. Desmond and his innate ability to fly serve as a fundamental pillar in the outcome of the war against the Zeetnuk. DOGOS tells the story of Desmond Phoenix and how his actions changed the destiny of the human race.