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Crackdown 3 XBOX ONE
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Crackdown 3 for XBOX ONE

Genre: Action  |  Web: Official Website

Crackdown 3 expectations are high and people are tirelessly waiting for the game to be released. The British developer, Reagent Games has developed a new stunning title for the franchise. The game is a continuation of Crackdown 2 and follows the same format with a little bit more development on it. In Crackdown 3 you are a government agent, you don’t need to observe any rule and you can unleash maximum rage and wipe off the entire place. You don’t have to hold anything back as you can resolve to any means to fight your enemies. Crime Lords are required to be released by the Agents to the war zones to keep it safe and maintain orderliness. Generally the structure and the plot line is really improved. The graphics of the game is superb and attractive. To play it you have to wait till the middle of 2017. Also keep in mind this is an exclusive Xbox One title!

Standard Edition Includes:
Crackdown 3

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