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An open world, third person shooter game that was developed by Volition Inc, the Red Faction Guerilla is more than what the name suggests. It is set 50 years after the climactic events of the original predecessor and gives the players a chance to take on the role of insurgents fighting with the dark agents of the Earth Defense Force. Liberation is a key aspiration for the fighters, and the conflict is brutal, creative and ingenious. You will have to come up with some innovative means of burning through the wreckage and pounding the enemy down to the ground is at all you are to achieve victory.

Leaving destruction in your wake, the enemies will not be giving up the fight as quickly, and your strategy determines whether you will be leaving with the crown or not. You can establish ambushes and explosions that are in a chain to achieve the highest levels of damage. Gameplay is emergent and evolving continuously putting you in a role whereby, your actions and moves determine whether you win or not. Red Faction Guerilla is indeed the game worth spending time playing and just trying for yourself the steps and approaches towards an excellent gameplay.

Standard Edition includes:
Red Faction Guerrilla

cdkeys digital productsThis game is digital and does not include disk or retail box. You will only receive a unique CD KEY code after purchase that needs activation on major clients (Steam, Uplay, Origin) and download from their software in order to be played.

steam digital keyThis Red Faction Guerrilla version is made for Steam platform (Worldwide Activation / Region Free). This requires you to have Steam client (Download from here) in your computer and an active Steam account. To activate the CD KEY you have to click to add a new game in your library. Once you are done with that you can download and start playing the game.


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