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Otherland CD KEY
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Otherland CD KEY for Steam

Otherland is an action-packed Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on Tad Williams’s highly acclaimed novels. Embark on exciting adventures in a virtual multiverse with worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi. Built on the Unreal-engine, the Otherland MMO features beautiful graphics, action-based combat with direct controls, PVE and PVP, a rich storyline and complex RPG character development with four classes and numerous skills. The game’s unique virtual reality setting brings several innovative features. The eDNA System, for instance, allows you to craft and clone both Items and NPCs to help you protect your virtual apartment or play a part in clan wars.


Product Edition

Otherland CD KEY

Otherland CD KEY + 12 additional inventory slots (permanent, for all characters) + 2 additional character slot (permanent) + exclusive Mummy Skin DLC (permanent, for all characters) + exclusive Cyborg Skin DLC (permanent, for all characters) + 15.000 bits (one time bits are the in-game currency that is otherwise collected in quests etc.) + 4.000 credits (one time credits can be used to buy vanity items such as skins – currently included as a bonus for testing; they are optional and may be earned through daily quests) + access to an exclusive bar with an additional quest line incl. unique items and daily quests to collect ressources (attention: available approx. 1 month after release)