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Genre: FPS  |  Web: Official Website

Metro Last Light transfers us in the year 2034, the entire world has been nuked and turned into nothing more than just a bunch of rot and decay. Below the ruins of the apocalyptic Moscow, you crawl through the wasteland avoiding a bunch of strewn obstacles and dangers that lurk all the way. Witness the remnants of humanity that has gotten faced with sieges from the outside as well as inside from planted elements that have deepened their roots in the form of organizations and other masks. Above are positioned skies, and the ground below is solely for hunts and finding food and other means of survival amidst the chaos. With the effects of the nuclear disaster are mutants that are stalking the desolate catacombs as well as on the surface. This means your weapons need to be at the ready all the while keeping watch for other objects and items that are lying on the surface for adding to your survival. In the course of your progress, the grim reality if the nuclear afterlife proves to be quite mind-boggling.

Standard Edition includes:
Metro Last Light

cdkeys digital productsThis game is digital and does not include disk or retail box. You will only receive a unique CD KEY code after purchase that needs activation on major clients (Steam, Uplay, Origin) and download from their software in order to be played.

steam digital keyThis Metro Last Light version is made for Steam platform (Worldwide Activation / Region Free). It requires you to have Steam client (Download from here) in your computer and an active Steam account. To activate the CD KEY you have to click to add a new game in your library. Once you are done with that you can download and start playing the game.

steam gift digital keyMetro Last Light Steam Gift version offers a one time activation game code. In order to play, you have to activate the game on Steam platform and download it from your games library collection. Keep in mind this game code cannot be refunded.


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