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Genre: Adventure  |  Web: Official Website

Magicka for PC is an adventure and action video game that was developed based on Norse mythology. It was actually released on 25th January 2011 by Steam and was developed by a Swedish independent company known as Arrowhead Game Studios. This version of the video game works best on Microsoft Windows. The video game is set in a 3D environment if viewed from an isometric perspective. In the game, up to four simultaneous co-op players or a single player takes the roles of wizards who are tasked with stopping a wicked sorcerer, which has thrown the world into a state of chaos. The main action and adventure campaign is made up of thirteen distinct levels. What makes this video game different from role playing game mechanics that traditionally dominated among wizardry-based and magic video games is the fact that it has no character class structure. Above all, there is no energy meter or “mana bar” that limits the utility of special abilities. Actually, magic does not entail consumption of any special resource and spells can be cast without any precise limit. Even though, the time set for spell casting is much limited, and if the player does it slowly, they will unfortunately die.

Standard Edition includes:

Collectors Edition Includes:
Magicka + Magicka Vietnam + Magicka Wizard Survival Kit + Magicka Caverns and Marshlands + Magicka Nippon + Magicka Final Frontier + Magicka Frozen Lake + Magicka Watch Tower + Magicka Robe Bundle

cdkeys digital productsThis game is digital and does not include disk or retail box. You will only receive a unique CD KEY code after purchase that needs activation on major clients (Steam, Uplay, Origin) and download from their software in order to be played.

steam digital keyThis Magicka version is made for Steam platform (Worldwide Activation / Region Free). It requires you to have Steam client (Download from here) in your computer and an active Steam account. To activate the CD KEY you have to click to add a new game in your library. Once you are done with that you can download and start playing the game.

steam gift digital keyMagicka Steam Gift version offers a one time activation game code. In order to play, you have to activate the game on Steam platform and download it from your games library collection. Keep in mind this game code cannot be refunded.

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