Hooligan Fighters CD KEY

Hooligan Fighters CD KEY
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Hooligan Fighters CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Action  |  Web: None

Hooligan Fighters: Multiplayer online, close combat fighting game, set in the underworld of illegal hooligan brawls. This is a unique game in which you can compete with players from around the world using only close combat fighting techniques. No shooting, no magic but a variety of different punches, kicks and special moves realized with motion-capture technology. You are certainly familiar with 1 vs 1 fighting games… This game offers You team fighting up to 10 vs 10 players! In Hooligan Fighters You take control of the character, who develops his combat and visual style between matches using earned Respect Points. There are also Drinks and Power Cards that can be bought and used according to your preferred style and combat tactics. Simple and user-friendly matchmaking ! Just pick Your favorite game-mode and click the “Fight” button. You don’t have to worry about servers and connection speed!

Standard Edition Includes:
Hooligan Fighters

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