Fallout 4 Far Harbor CD KEY

Fallout 4 Far Harbor CD KEY
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SKU: falllout-4-far-harbor

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor CD KEY for Steam

Genre: FPS  |  Web: Official Website
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A new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost? Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that we’ve ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons. The choices are all yours.