Dead Island 2 CD KEY

Dead Island 2 CD KEY
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SKU: dead-island-2

Dead Island 2 CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Action  |  Web: Official Website

Fans of the horror genre and role-playing game alike have surely been waiting for Dead Island 2 CD KEY, the sequel to Dead Island and Escape Death Island and the fourth installment in this series. This game takes place a scant few months after the events in its prequels, although while both Dead Island and Escape Death Island took place in an island as the name suggest, this game instead is set in California, with Los Angeles as well as San Francisco being confirmed as two of the game’s prominent locations.

Based on the Unreal Engine 4, Dead Island 2 will be available for Microsoft Windows, XBox One, as well as Playstation 4. The plot is pretty straightforward: a zombie outbreak in California has forced the United States Armed Forces to quarantine the entire area, several months after the events on Banoi in previous games. Be it someone who refuses to be quarantined out of their home or simply renegades looking for a fresh start and glory both, California has turned into a battlefield between the living and the dead.

There are four playable characters for you to choose from in Dead Island 2, and similarly to the previous games your character will be a special human with an immunity to the zombie virus itself, utilizing this immunity to track down people and hunt treasure in the quarantine zone. You can expect a similar first-person shooter and melee gameplay you are surely already familiar with in Dead Island 2; there are also options for a co-op multiplayer gameplay with up to eight characters in the mix, up from four characters is the previous game. The developer behind this game also emphasises its endless replayability as a selling point, with combat being “more of a sandbox”.

Standard Edition Includes:
Dead Island 2

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