Blades Of Time Limited Edition CD KEY

Blades Of Time Limited Edition CD KEY
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SKU: 721_20

Blades Of Time Limited Edition CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Action  |  Web: None

Blades of Time Limited Edition is the continuation of X-Blades where we observe the action from a third-person perspective. Once again we take control over Ayumi. The game was created by Gaijin Entertainmen. Ayumi, the gorgeous gun and sword-wielding treasure hunter, sets out on a journey to an ancient island in search of new adventures. While rich in bounty, the island is also filled with the magic of Chaos, being at the same time home to blood thirsty monsters. With a host of colorful characters, eye-popping visual appeal, tons of treasure and a huge variety of combat skills to master, Blades of Time will bring just as much fun and satisfaction both to gamers that are new to the action adventure genre and to experienced players.

Standard Edition Includes:
Blades Of Time Limited Edition

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