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Abzu CD KEY for Steam

Genre: Adventure  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: Xbox One, PS4

ABZU is directed by the Journey’s director. The game presents an underwater adventure in which the player experiences the realities of deep sea diving. The player encounters the bustling and colorful life that often tinctures the ocean depths. The player, acting as a lone diver explores the ocean descending deeper and deeper in the process encountering amazing sea creatures and ancient secrets. Unlike many games, ABZU has no user prompts or texts that give directions on where to go next or what to accomplish, rather is simply driven by your adventure instincts and curiosity.

Also notably, the player (diver) simply has no lungs or they are adopted to underwater diving, the movement beneath is infinite. With no clearly laid goals, ABZU is more about moving around and observing oceanic creatures. Deep within, it may be advisable to slow down a little, in addition to steering clear of some objects. However, progress is not marked by any puzzles of real danger, it is all about where the player chooses to go. Although the environment appears overloaded with aquatic life, this is by design whereby users are intended to experience a tight ecosystem buzzing with color. The game is simply amazing and exciting.


cdkeys digital productsThis game is digital and does not include disk or retail box. You will only receive a unique CD KEY code after purchase that needs activation on major clients (Steam, Uplay, Origin) and download from their software in order to be played.

steam digital keyThis Abzu version is made for Steam platform. It requires you to have Steam client in your computer and an active Steam account. To activate the CD KEY you have to click to add a new game in your library. Once you are done with that you can download and start playing the game.

steam gift digital keyAbzu Steam Gift version offers a one time activation game code. In order to play, you have to activate the game on Steam platform and download it from your games library collection. Keep in mind this game code cannot be refunded.

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