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ARK Survival Evolved for XBOX ONE

Genre: FPS, MMO  |  Web: Official Website  |  Also available on: PC

In Ark Survival Evolved, which will be available for Xbox One, your character is stranded on a mysterious island called Ark where they need to use their skills and power to survive. From cooking to building shelters, from teaming with other players to taming dinosaurs, your goal is to survive and escape the mysterious island. When you first start the game, your character will start with practically and literally nothing, naked and afraid, your only weapon in the beginning are your fists. As the game progress, however, you will gain the capability to craft weapons and build shelters to better defend yourself against both nature and other players preying on your character. As you play, you need to pay attention to the many attributes attached to your character, and while basic attributes such as health and stamina, are more familiar, players also need to pay attention to other attributes such as torpor, water, as well as food.

Standard Edition includes:
ARK Survival Evolved

xbox digital key codeThis is an official licence code for the game. Log in to your Xbox Live account and enter the digital game code you received to activate the game. Internet connection is required.

xbox digital accountYou will not receive a digital code but access to an Xbox account. Download the game in your Xbox, and you will be able to play from your account. Please check for instructions in the sellers product page. Internet connection is required.

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