Origin Download & Origin CD KEY Activation Guide

origin cd key activation guide

This guide is all about EA gaming. Electronic Arts for a couple of years now have released their own software to serve their games and turn into digital century for good. In order to play EA games you have to download and install Origin to unlock all the game features. You can also activate your digital game in Origin as long as it was created by Electronic Arts. In order to gain access you have to visit Origin’s official website. From there you can register a new account or if you already have an account you can download Origin.

Origin Account

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In order to create a new account you have to click “Register” while browsing Origin’s website.

origin official website

After that a small window will pop up. There you need to follow the steps in order to successfully create your personal account. Keep in mind that the info you are going to give need to be true. Email verification might occur in the final steps of the registration.

origin create account

After you finish with the account creation you will need to download Origin in order to activate a cd key and download the game.

Origin Download

If you want to download Origin you NEED to have a registered account. To download Origin click the small gray download text on the left of their website. This action will move you to another page where you have to select if you are running windows or Mac. I downloaded the windows version but i suspect that its the same for Mac

origin download platform

After the completion of download run the software and follow the steps to complete the installation.

Redeem Origin Code

After the install, double click Origin to open the client. Now lets say that you have just purchased new Origin games created by EA (Battlefield, Need For Speed, Fifa, etc). In order to activate them, click “Origin” from the menu and then “Redeem Product Code…”

redeem origin key

A new windows will pop up. This window will ask for you product code. Product code normally can be found in your account page from the website you got the game. Another place might be your email inbox or spam folders. When you find the key code type or paste it in the empty field and click next. Go through the process to successful activate your cd key in order to start downloading your game.

redeem origin cd key

To check if the game is activated click the “My Game Library” on the left to open the games library tab. In there you can find all the activated games that are attached to your account.

origin games library

I am sure you looking forward to start downloading this game in order to install and start gaming, so without further ado click the game you want to download and press “download” button!

origin game download

You are set! Now lean back and wait for the game to be downloaded (this procedure might take a while and it really depends on your internet connection). When you are done with that click again the game and hit launch… Enjoy your new game!

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  1. demobuoy November 26, 2017

    I have an origin account. It’s exactly like steam, and alot of games are a bit cheaper ;) take that into cosinderation.

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