NieR Automata: The Story Behind The Game!

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A NieR Automata Story!

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A creative, daring and ambitious endeavor, Nier Automata is one of those games that brings an intense action that involves creativity of its own caliber. Seamlessly melding and merging genres together brings about new features that were totally unexpected thus making it possible for players to get a completely unique experience whenever they open up a new level. Your senses and your way of perceiving things in the world around you got to be totally surprised. There are new features in the kind of way that challenge and the way you think and look at a problem.

Nier Automata tends to take a number of risks in the way its storyline is presented as well as some scenes that are totally whacky and completely unexpected. Set thousands of years into the future, it presents a world that the aliens have taken over and androids who fight against aliens sent humans to the surface of moon as refuges. On the surface of the planet are cities that lie ablaze in ruins and despair bringing about a desolate picture into mind. Making things worse is the fact that the aliens seem uninterested in the things that the humans would consider dear to them hence making it possible to approach them by other underhand, conniving means.

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Android’s Part In The Game

However, the humans haven’t given up yet and towards that end. They have built a bunker station right next to their temporary habitations where the built the production of the androids. They are producing masses of robots that have been factory programmed to fight for the glory of mankind and free up the planet. This can be considered as some sort of proxy war where there are only constant battles that rage on relentlessly on the surface of the planet. Battles that are against a seemingly unshakeable enemy that is determined to stay put and withstand the attacks until humans will have to either given up or be completely destroyed.

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A number of philosophical issues raise their ugly head by the fact that the androids do not consider themselves to be machines but something entirely different. Meditating about who or what they are, they conduct experiments by uploading backups of themselves to the bunker in the event that they are destroyed while on the earth surface. Some of the interesting scenes in Nier Automata include an abandoned amusement park. Ruined buildings that have been totally shaken down in an effort to mold a new world for the aliens taking over.

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Final Words

Social aspects of the androids bring a difficulty to the game. Android’s are unable to completely define themselves as machines capable of interacting with each other and cooperating to achieve a certain task, or even the feelings they have for each other. Let’s see if the humans and androids will prevail from this epic battle! The continue in your screens…


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