New Raw Gameplay Trailer For Quake Champions

Run Fast, Kill Faster!

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Bethesda and Id Software published a brand new gameplay trailer for Quake Champions which is going to be released sometime in 2017. The video below is 2 minutes long focuses on the tension and speed during the battles of the title. As you already know from our post, closed beta is going to take place on April 6th, hurry up and register an account for it! Finally, according to rumors, id Software might release the game for consoles also. Time will show us! Enjoy the trailer…

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  1. 8shedevil8 August 20, 2017

    The beta seems quite promising. I still miss the old Q3A feeling and the microtransactions kind of ruin it a bit. But overall it’s still worth a try, specially if you’re on old Quake fan like myself.

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