Mirrors Edge Catalyst: A Preview

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Welcome to another gaming “Sneak Peek”

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Prior to its release, the popular PC game Mirrors Edge Catalyst has been keeping video game geeks at the edge of their seats. The excitement is unberable, especially that the Mirrors Edge Catalyst CD KEY will be released a few days from now.



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A reboot of the franchise, Mirrors Edge Catalyst had been beta-tested on April 22 in time for its public and official release three months after. Many thought that the game should have been released in February, but because of “technological delays,” Design Director Erik Odeldahl confirmed its release in June instead.

What Is This All About?

Highly liked by both teenagers and adults, Mirrors Edge Catalyst is an action-packed game that satisfies anyone with the need for an adrenaline rush. The game follows the story of Faith, a bold free runner, who fights for her freedom in the fantastic city of Glass. This high-tech environment, which looks beautiful to outsiders, secretly harbors terrors and violence. With the almost-real rooftops and tunnels, players get immersed in this new world and get lost in the combat. Gamers especially like sharing Faith’s perspective, seeing Glass, and participating in conspiracy theories.

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Mirrors Edge Catalyst Features

Players, old and new, will root for these features from Mirrors Edge Catalyst:

  • Building momentum through jumps between rooftops and slides through narrow spaces
  • Balancing the character on pipes or zipping down wirelines
  • Learning more about the character’s running skills and martial arts prowess
  • Delivering attacks and enjoy using Faith’s weapons: MAG Rope, which latches on cameras; and Disruptor, which boosts the power of Faith’s MAG Rope
  • Learning to throw attacks even without a weapon. Faith uses her momentum, environment, and physical skills to overcome challeging situations.
  • Delivering Heavy Traversal Attacks to defeat your opponents
  • Mastering movements, Faith’s superior defense
  • Increasing your dexterity through Faith’s speed and agility
  • Connecting with your friends who portray another Runner
  • Enjoying the thrilling adventures and actions in the game

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According to Odeldahl, the game has a lot of movement and momentum, the perfect balance ever to be achieved in action-adventure video games. There is violence, but there is also a Zen-like feeling when playing Mirror’s Edge. Gamers will not only learn various fighting moves, but learn a lot about political conflicts and history. Mirrors Edge Catalyst CD KEY will surely delight players who have been waiting for this game for years.


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  1. selleks93 June 15, 2016

    After being a parkour practicer and have finished the 1st ME like 10 times, I see this is going in a good way.

  2. Mohaonline2010 June 10, 2016

    the game is going to be awesome But Sadly I get motion sickness from such games

  3. alinady82 June 6, 2016

    what a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice game

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